1. Hi everyone! That's right! 9 years and still kicking! Happy 9th Birthday to OLDr! & all of it's members! Thanks to all of you members who stick around and give us a reason to keep this place alive! Without you it'd just be another dead forum and forgotten Community! Although the preferred games have changed over the years and regular posters changed too, the same spirit of fun & mate ship is still going strong here and we're grateful to all who call this their online home for making it so. Many thanks too to CFodder who really does just about everything to keep the place ship shape & functioning :) We hope you had a great Christmas & wish you all only the best in 2018! Cheers!
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sOLDr Forums & server Rules

Discussion in 'Join OLDr' started by Admin Team, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Admin Team

    Admin Team

    Apr 18, 2008
    Here at OLDr
    sOLDr Forums & server Rules

    sOLDr Forum Rules:

    First & formost is that sOLDr members are also to follow the OLDr TaC & CoC as agreed on joining. Also be aware that the same 3 strike rule applies.

    We would like to point out that OLDr was created for the purpose of like minded gamers to have a place to gather away from the rigors of RL & play games, chat on the forums, in a friendly atmosphere. OLDr would like to be known in the gaming community for being a great bunch of people (added this). OLDr has opened itself up to the younger generation as we feel that you too may have the same ideals, so it is up to you, the sOLDr's to show the older generation that this is the case.

    There are also a few extra rules that will apply to the sOLDr forums, they are as follows:

    1. Do not swear.

    2. Do not post or post links related to pornograpghy.

    3. Always show respect to the moderators as they are the adults here & have a responsibility to you the sOLDr members
    & your parents.

    4. Always show respect towards each other.

    5. Above all, have fun.

    Do not hesitate to speak up if you have any suggestions, idea's or issues you need adressed. The Moderators & Admins are very approachable people :).

    OLDr Server Rules:

    1. Always show OLDr members & non-members the respect you would expect yourself on OLDr servers or any other servers.

    2. You can muck about (TK mates, be silly, trying jumps etc...) only when the server is occupied by OLDr members only.

    3. If you find any troublesome players (swearing, abusing, hacking) ask them to behave (nicely) & if they persist, do not make anymore responses to them, take screenies & report it to an rcon A.S.A.P.

    4. Do not post publicly on any forums, suspect hackers, OLDr or otherwise, bring it to the rcon's or admins for us to deal with in the correct manner.

    To be a sOLDr member, you must post that you agree with these terms above.

    The OnLine Dawdlers Admin Team
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