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    Apr 18, 2008
    Here at OLDr
    Welcome to OLDr

    Are you over 21? or even under 21? Are you looking for a 'refuge' away from the more excitable or abusive people that play online games?

    The OnLine Dawdlers could well be the place for you! We offer a wide range of games for the gamer looking for fun & relaxation.

    We may not always act our age (Hell! We play online games for a start :p) but our aim is to have fun in a casual environment without losing sight of the fact that these are just that, games after all, and are meant to be for a bit of relaxation & enjoyment.

    If this sounds like the place you have been looking for then read our TaC & CoC or if a sOLDr then read as well the sOLDr Forum Rules & Server Rules. Then post in the "Join OLDr" forums stating your age and that you have read & agree to our terms.

    It's that easy :)

    OLDr Admin Team
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