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    How to Join OLDr

    So you're looking at becoming a member of the OnLine Dawdlers? It's quite simple really! :) Your first step MUST be to read our "Terms & Conditions (TaC) and "Code of Conduct (CoC).

    For 21yrs & Over (OLDr):
    Once you've done this, and understand them, post a new thread in the "Join OLDr" forum stating that you have read the TaC & CoC, agree to them and that you are over 21 (It will also be helpful if you state which game(s) you are interested in joining us in). Once you have posted an admin will review your application, if you're over 21 and your application is accepted you will be made an OLDr member.

    For Under 21's (sOLDr):
    If you are under 21, you generally should be a son/daughter of an OLDr member, although we will consider others on a case by case basis. You must read the Terms & Conditions" & "Code of Conduct (CoC) as well as sOLDr Forum & Server Rules. Then post in the "Join OLDr" forum, that you agree to the terms & state your age.

    The final step in the process may be, if the Admins think it is necessary, a quick interview on TeamSpeak (so you will have to have this installed and have a microphone) with an admin to verify your age and give you a quick run down on how things are run here.

    The admin will then look at your application & you will be notified of membership :).

    PLEASE NOTE: When registering an account you will now not be able to use either yahoo or gmail email addresses due to recent spam activity in the forums.

    The OnLine Dawdlers Admin Team
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