World in Flames

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    World in Flames

    Long before I became a WW2 FPS'er I was a WW2 board game lover.

    My first love was Avalon Hill's "Third Reich".

    Back in the 80's an Australian mob brought out their version of Third Reich called "World in Flames".

    WIF was a pretty good table game that tried to recreate WW2 grand strategy on a global scale.

    Anyone here play Third Reich or WIF?

    Well, WIF is about to be launched as a computer game. It has taken awhile but the proposed release date is July 27.

    All the details are in the forum section of this website.

    If you like grand strategy type games, WIF is for you.
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    I love strategy games myself, been a long time since one has interested me enough though, I will keep an eye on this as as much as I enjoy Command and Conquer, I am sick of the "rush" maps, I used to love matching wits against my mates brother in epic 8 hour Age of Empire's battles!

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