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    The Heavy:
    The development of the Heavy Assault soldier was a relatively recent innovation on Auraxis. Designed to combat the surge of instant nanite-assembled vehicles, their presence on the battlefield poses a serious threat to tanks and infantry alike. Their custom Reinforced Exosuit armor configuration is responsible for their ability to take hits that would kill other soldiers, while their heavy weaponry allows them to punch holes in enemy tanks or lay down sustained fire. Equipped with some of the strongest armor and weapons available to infantry, a seasoned Heavy Assault will leave a path of corpses and burning wreckage in their wake.
    Their armor and shields can take more punishment than most other soldiers can, allowing them to dominate in direct close-quarters conflict where their heavy weapons are most effective. In addition to the survivability provided by the Reinforced Exosuit’s defenses, Heavy Assault soldiers also have access to prototype Nanite Mesh Generators that temporarily reduce the velocity of incoming projectiles, decreasing their kinetic impact on the user. Though the experimental technology currently requires the user to remain momentarily stationary while the mesh is being formed, NMGs have shown themselves to be an integral component to the Heavy Assault’s continued presence on the field.
    Though their ability to endure heavy fire is no doubt legendary, they’re more widely known for the devastating weaponry that they wield. The high capacity LMGs the Heavy Assault carries are capable of both short, accurate bursts and suppressing fire, allowing them to adapt to a variety of situations while only adjusting their trigger discipline. For close-quarters combat that requires sustained fire, their versatile LMGs can be swapped for the raw destructive power of their empire’s hip-slung Heavy Assault weapon. Finally, their rocket launcher can destroy enemy vehicles with a variety of targeting types, continuing to be the preferred method of directly dealing with enemy armor while on foot.
    Only with the introduction of Rebirthing and recent improvements in shield technology has their mantra of “endure and eradicate” become viable. While the Heavy Assault’s brute-force strategy may not be the most elegant solution, it’s proven itself as an effective one.

    Though the Engineer has always had a vital role in defending Auraxis’s facilities, the introduction of nanites to the military sector caused a radical shift from their traditional role of vehicle and MAX suit mechanics. When factory-built tanks and vehicles were replaced by relatively disposable nano-fabricated versions, Engineers began training extensively in marksmanship and demolitions. Despite their recent shift in duties, Engineers have quickly proven themselves as effective soldiers, capable of either turning an ordinary warehouse into an impregnable fortress, or blasting the enemies fortresses to the ground.
    The Advanced Construction Engine, or ACE, was created to eliminate the need for the Engineer to carry bulky stationary weapons and fortifications in their new combat role. It contains a small, portable fabricator capable of constructing and deconstructing Nanite Blueprints on a smaller scale than seen at vehicle facilities. The ACE’s deployable MANA turret is available in both anti-vehicle and anti-infantry configurations, providing a deadly support weapon that excels at area denial. Engineers can also deploy a shield generator that provides temporary cover to friendly troops by absorbing damage that would otherwise be lethal.
    The Engineer’s viability in the field extends far past their ACE, however. Their easy-to-use Nano-Armor Kit replaces entire tool chests worth of repair instruments, allowing the repair of heavy damage on vehicles, facility equipment, and MAX suits in seconds. They are also experts in the use of powerful anti-tank mines, giving them the means to fortify a facility or cause massive and unexpected destruction on the field by mining a far off chokepoint.
    While their engineering background allows them to provide their empire with support, their infantry training has given them means to remain competitive with other soldiers in medium-to-long range combat. Though their training focuses primarily on the use of rifles, they also have access to many powerful short range weapons such as SMGs and shotguns.
    The Engineer’s flexibility empowers them to excel in many combat situations. Whether they’re defending a facility under siege or assisting their empire in staging one themselves, their legendary support abilities and combat prowess make them a valuable asset to any squad.

    Even though Rebirthing technology has nearly eliminated the concept of fear on Auraxis, the Infiltrator remains one of the few things soldiers are afraid of. Originally specializing in the assassination of high-profile political targets, the Infiltrator quickly found a home on the battlefield. Their presence alone has rapidly become synonymous with unease and paranoia, causing enemy soldiers to perceive even shadows in their peripheral as a very real threat. Fear combined with their specialized recon and sniping roles makes the Infiltrator a welcome addition to any empire’s ranks.
    The completion of Nanite Systems’ stealth technology in the mid 29th century had a profound effect on combat, and the Infiltrator was born. Designated marksmen and scouts quickly integrated the new tech into their armor and rapidly developed new battlefield strategies that only their active camouflage allowed them to carry out. The most recent iterations of infiltration suits allow the use of various cloak configurations, allowing Infiltrators to customize their camouflage’s strength and power consumption based on their preferences and needs. Though suits constructed of stealth-compatible materials provide little protection, many veteran Infiltrators claim the tactical advantages provided by being undetectable allow for just as much survivability on the field as heavy armor.
    The Infiltrators’ powerful weaponry allows them to be deadly at ranges that outclass even the most accurate assault rifle. Their Sniper Rifles are some of the most accurate weapons on Auraxis, allowing them to lock down straight-aways and wide expanses of land with equal effectiveness. They also have access to Scout Rifles, trading the extreme range of the Sniper Rifle for a weapon more suitable for a direct assault. Of course, Infiltrators also carry a pistol for use in close quarter engagements that render their long range weaponry less effective.
    Their covert nature gives them a unique set of strengths. As any shadow or heat shimmer could be an Infiltrator lying in wait, the fear they instill in other soldiers is as deadly a weapon as any. Whether they’re relaying critical information to their empire, laying in wait to strike a target, or preventing an enemy advance, skilled Infiltrators will make sure the only traces they leave behind are enemy corpses.

    After an intense firefight, when the dust settles, every squad and every soldier simply wants to be alive. And if they are, they probably have their Combat Medic to thank. Every class is capable of putting enemies in the grave, but the Combat Medic is the only one that can pull them back out. Yes, their rifle is capable of dropping enemies efficiently. Yes, their versatility on the battlefield is infamous. But, it is their powerful healing tools and abilities that define them. The Combat Medic’s role is to keep their soldiers alive and their empire at full fighting strength. Since a single Combat Medic can make all the difference between holding the line and falling in slaughter, they’re an integral member of any squad.

    The Combat Medic’s handheld medical applicator provides them with the primary means to make a squad of wounded soldiers fit to fight again. Using a concentrated beam of nanites programmed to mend flesh and dispense coagulation agents, the medical applicator can repair even the most grievous of wounds in seconds. The latest models are even equipped with experimental Field Rebirth technology, allowing the recently dead to be brought back to life. Few others can rival the power and potential of the Combat Medic on the frontlines, saving lives.

    Beyond healing, Combat Medics can do a ton more than just squad support. Though they’re defined by their ability to help others, their customizable rifle establishes them as a force in their own right on the battlefield. They can help themselves. Through the use of specialized loadouts and kits, the Combat Medic can become all the more versatile, ready and able to bring whatever is needed to any combat situation.

    A skilled Combat Medic can hold their own in a firefight and keep their squadmates alive.

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