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    Here's what the PvP part of the game is going to be all about. Just two pieces of the whole interview, more here



    What forms of PvP are available in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

    Emmanuel Lusinchi:

    Well, we have announced two. There are only two. There are the warzones, that you have actually tried today, which is a very codified engagement, because we wanted it to be fair, so 8 vs. 8, objective, very clear, we show you what you're supposed to do and we're going to reward you based on whether you complete the objectives. There is much more reward for the team that wins than the team that doesn't win. Very team oriented gameplay, that's one.
    Another one is a kind of PvP that naturally occurs when people don't like each other meet somewhere on the planet. Traditional, really. We did do a few change to the traditional formula, even on a PvE server, because we have PvP and PvE servers, and some people on PvE servers don't want to be subjected to PvP, we have a zone we're going to mark as, "There will be PvP. Beware." It's a dangerous place; you don't have to go there, I mean you will have a way to skirt it, but we want that kind of engagement to be there.
    There's a third one, which is just dueling. You can turn towards a friend or stranger and duel them, and that's another form that is in the game right now.


    Can you give us an overview of the Warzones you've revealed so far?

    Emmanuel Lusinchi:

    We've talked about two. One is Alderaan. The story behind it is there is an extremely powerful cannon in the base and both sides want to capture it to help with the war and they send a dropship, each side sends a dropship, and before you can capture the cannon you have to shoot down the other ship so that they stop sending reinforcements, and to do that you try to capture three turrets, and every time you capture a turret it will turn and start shooting on the enemy ship. Once their shields are down the ship crashes and you win the engagement.
    The second one is the Void Star. The Void Star, the story behind it is, it's a prototype ship that has become lost, derelict, so it's lost its crew, both sides locate it and both sides send a team inside to capture it. At the beginning of the Warzone we randomly pick one side to be the defender and one side to be the attacker, and the attacker need to take the ship room by room, there are several rooms, and each room has a slightly different objective, ranging from breaching a door with explosives, and the other side tries to disarm the bomb and prevent you from putting it in the first place, to extend a bridge, or destroying an objective such as a shield generator.
    Once the attacking side has captured the ship we flip it around and people that used to be attackers now have to defend the ship they just captured and the people who were defenders now try to capture it faster than the first team did. So a very traditional assault, but again, we are trying to make it very immersive with not a lot of gimmicky parts, just keep it really immersed into the Star Wars universe, and I think that is all we have announced so far.

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