Sid Meier's Humble Bundle

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    There's a whole stack of Sid Meier games on Humble Bundle if you're into his games, they include:

    Up To Around $10 (Currently):
    Civ III Complete
    Civ IV Complete
    Ace Patrol
    Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies
    Side Meier's Railroad

    For Around $10 to $15(Currently):
    Civ V
    Civ V: Gods & Kings DLC
    Civ V: Scrambled Nations Map Pack DLC
    Civ V: Scrambled Continents Map Pack DLC
    Side Meier's Pirates

    For $15 or Over:
    Civ V: Brave New World DLC

    Awesome value if you like his games :). All redeemable on Steam only.

    Check out the whole deal HERE

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