Heroes & Generals Felber Build released

Discussion in 'The Recliner' started by Hansuke, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Hansuke

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    Feb 3, 2008
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    The new Felber build has been released, featuring new tanks and motorbikes, new Assault Teams and Assault Team progression, a new game mode, a brand new map and much more.

    Some of the new features from the Felber build are:

    New Skirmish map with new domination gamemode
    New Vehicles:
    - German Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf├╝hrung A light tank
    - US M5A1 Stuart light tank
    - German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf├╝hrung J medium tank
    - German motorcycle with sidecar
    New Assault Teams
    Assault Team can earn XP
    Assault Team Progression
    Tweaked lightsettings
    New US and German music theme by Jesper Kyd
    ...and much more


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