Battlefield Bad Company 2 Not So Happy

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Fr3ddY, Jan 18, 2010.

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    There will be dedicated servers.. just no public file
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    I'm reading the same type info as Ambush. There will apparently be dedicated servers, just no public access to the server files. You will have to rent them from authorized dealers.

    Pav posted this elsewhere from DICE:

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Gordon Vandyke
    A lot of buzz has been floating around the internet lately about dedicated servers and we wanted to make sure our all our players have the best understanding of how Battlefield will be played on the PC. Since Battlefield 1942 DICE has used dedicated servers for all platforms. This formula has worked well, and still works well, for us and for the gaming community. We have stayed true to this practice and will continue this tradition into the upcoming title Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Other games use player-hosted or 'peer to peer' solutions, often resulting in a "host with the most" situation; where the player hosting the match has an advantage over other players connected to their game. Everyone else is dependent on the host's internet connection and if they don't have a great connection neither will you regardless how great of an internet you have. Also, unless server migration is implemented the game ends when that hosting player quits the game forcing you to find another player-host or start your own. With dedicated servers everyone gets non-stop action with no connection penalties based on some other player and their internet. This makes dedicated servers the best solution for online PC gaming hands down! So rest assured PC players, Battlefield will stay true to its roots offering dedicated servers to all its players and continue the tradition of the ultimate FPS gaming experience!

    Dedicated Server FAQ for Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC

    Will there be an option to have my own dedicated server?
    Yes, DICE will have trusted partners with datacenters worldwide that you'll be able to rent a dedicated server from ensuring you always have a quality server in your region.

    How much will it cost to rent a dedicated server for Battlefield Bad Company 2?
    Because these are offered by the trusted partners we can't answer that, but they will be priced fairly according to your market.

    Can I control my server with remote admin tools?
    Yes, you will have the ability manage your server via remote admin tools allowing you to manage your server, your way.

    Is there the option to give my server a custom name?
    Yes, you'll be able to name your server what you like.

    Will I be able to make a reserve list for my server?
    Yes, you will be able to reserve a limited amount of space on your server when public for whom ever you like.

    Am I able to host a private match?
    Yes, you will be able to password protect your server.

    Is there a client server browser to view server lists?
    Yes, clients on the PC will have a full server's browser to select the server they'd like to play on.

    Can I earn ranks and rewards on my rented server?
    Yes! You will be able to run your server as Ranked allowing you to still earn unlocks, rewards, and host a server for all to enjoy.

    Are PC clients going to be match made to servers?
    No, PC clients will use their server browser and filter options.

    Will you have an anti-cheat requirement?
    Yes, all dedicated servers and clients on PC will be required to have the anti-cheat software running at all times.

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