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  1. Denounce

    Denounce OLDr

    Oct 30, 2010
    So true Whack......i dont like CCS but its one of the original FPS games on the market and still going strong....The mod community has keep many a game going after the developers drop the "GAME SUPPORT" when the money stops flowing @ the counters of the retail stores. Lets hope BO will have good "mod support" and the hard core modders will bring the best of the best to the table. Also i think this will be the last in the COD series, THEY CANT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO DO..ITS ALL BEEN DONE so what next??? who knows...as i said earlier id rather "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY" but the developers want "QUANTITY and DOLLARS" over quality....they also "RUSH" games out to fucking quick....ffs why have betas for weeks and weeks then 2 days after release the have a patch the size of the original game....i dont get it..release the game when its right, why spend 2 yrs developing a game only to patch it straight away....

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