XD Onscreen Telemetry 1.0

Laptime, Intervals Motec Hud Onscreen for race07

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  1. Goldleader

    It's an addon for GTL/GTR2/rFactor/GSC/Race07/GTR-Evo (Steam only! Version: which lets you display some useful informations whilst driving.
    In Particular:

    MoTeC Data (Green Background)

    * Tyre temperatures (In/Mid/Out)
    * Tyre wear
    * Tyre pressure
    * Engine temperatures (Water/Oil)
    * Brake temperatures
    * Engine Health

    Session Info (Red BackGround)

    * Track- and ambient temperature
    * Session length (remaining time in a practice session or laps in race)
    * Fuel consumption (for last lap / average)

    Advanced Timings table (Yellow Background)

    * Drivers list and their postion
    * During practice the fastest laps are displayed
    * In Race the gaps are displayed according to leader or to yourself (can be customized). These times are updated 3 times during a lap!

    Included is the Config file I use adjusted for a single screen, see screen shots
    Extract the Three files into your Race07 Root Directory and load the game, if the game crashes on boot after you have copied these in you are probably running a Graphics card monitoring software solution which is causing the crash by polling the Game, set a exception within that software for the Race07 executable

    Screenshot as appears in game


    Screenshot with some coloured backgrounds so you can see which bit does what from the above description

    XD Colors.png

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