RAAF No5 Squadron Boomerang MkI "Sinbad" v1.0 Complete

Historic skin

  1. Jello
    Historic skin RAAF No5 Squadron Boomerang MkI "Sinbad"

    New skin & alpha damage tga's
    Readme with history

    New Boomerang MkI skin.

    A46-126 went to 1 AD then served with 5 and 84 Sqns, coded BF-S with "Sinbad II" under a painting of Sinbad on the cowl while with 5 Sqn;

    On 14/7/44 while with 5 Sqn it blew a tyre on takeoff from Mareeba Qld swinging the aircraft to the left snapping off both oleos and crashing aircraft onto its belly with F/O Cecil Reginald Warbrooke (414614) being ok;